If you are interested call us and reserve your wedding Conditions The wedding proposal we have designed has six indicative menus.

They can be modified by you and our maître will advise you on how to create the menu that fits better with your preferences. The reservation of your wedding will be confirmed with the payment of 100€ deposit.

It will be entirely repaid as long as the event is cancelled one year in advance. The remaining money will be paid at the end of the event or during the next week.

Fares and areas bounded to weddings are the following Kings courtyard: 3500€ Wings of the Kings Courtyard: 900€ each Novice Courtyard: 1800€

The estimated number of guests should be given between one year and six months before the event. A change in the initial number of guests can trigger a change in the area selected. For this reason we ask you to notify us as soon as possible. The selection of the menu should be communicated at least one month in advance.

To chose a different sparkling one do not hesitate to ask us for a budget. Table distribution should be communicated at least 72 hours before the event. After dinner Dance will start at the cafeteriaof the museum. Open bar will be working until 3am. Its prize is 14€ + VAT per adult.

Patio Herreriano Restaurant will help you finding a DJ for 600€ + VAT Moreover we inform you that our wedding program includes: Menu testing for 6 people Wedding night in a suite room for the fiancées Breakfast for fiancées Flowe arrangements for all tables Special prize for hotels Special menus for special diets


restaurante patio
restaurante patio
restaurante patio


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